Saretta Fielding is an artist born in Sydney to an Aboriginal father of the Wonaruah people and a European mother. Having the benefit of growing up within a large and close knit extended family much of her work is influenced by family connection and relationships.

Saretta is passionate and committed to seeing the Aboriginal community advance towards economic and social inclusion. She believes that through unity, vision and planning, we can achieve a sustainable future that embraces reconciliation and it is rich in economic opportunity.

Saretta has always painted, drawn and experimented in a variety of art mediums, as art has long been a passion for her. She loves the challenge of conveying to others, through art, how she is influenced by people, life experiences and natures beauty.

Reflective in style to many traditional artworks found throughout the Hunter Region and Wonaruah country, her artworks are connected to country in style and design through the use of a sand based medium. The highly textured pieces embody the age old sandstone engraved artworks created by our ancestors and add a whole new dimension to the works.

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