Greeting Card - Wombati Wombat

  • The wombat dreamtime story tells of how he got his flat forehead in a fight with his friend the Kangaroo.
  • This started over wombat being selfish and not sharing his shelter in a storm with his friend after his campsite was washed out.
  • Receiving a gift is great, but giving a gift is just as good, if not better! It's the thought that counts.
  • So what better way to express your gift giving sentiments than a beautiful art card! Featuring designs by Saretta, including matching designs to the Totem Animal Series cushion cover range.
  • We have a range of greeting cards that will finish off your gift! Whether it's a birthday, wedding present or even a gift to take overseas these cards will be the finishing touch!
  • Cards are blank on the inside and feature details about the artwork & full story on the back of the card.


  • Please see more details and product information on our website
Currency Amount
AUD 5.00
SRE Saretta

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