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For those of you who know a little about the history of the Silk Road, you will know that it was the trade route between the occident and the orient. It was the portal that allowed the exotic and wonderful to reach people in the west. It travelled through Arabian deserts and was alive with adventures and journeys through largely unknown lands. In the spirit of this, the SilkRoadEXPO platform brings you knowledge of exotic fashion designers and where to find their creations. It is an international shopping desk for smart shoppers to access fashion, accessories, jewellery (jewelry) home décor, wedding, and footwear. The world-wide shopping platform (shopping centre) is perfect for an online exhibition such as this, where you can discover the unique items of your dreams. Customers, retailers, and wholesalers can come together under on virtual roof to crate the greatest global marketplace of its kind. Those who make and sell things can reach global online audience. Those who wish to purchase authentic quality products can do so, safely and conveniently.

SilkRoadEXPO offers a global platform for retailers and wholesalers to build their own iconic brand recognition in a supportive environment. They will not be overshadowed by the big luxury brands, when reaching into markets like China. Just like the Silk Road of old, SilkRoadEXPO will take their products to the large Chinese consumer market with a minimum of risk and cost. Cultural and social barriers are overcome via the nature of our online exhibition, making it easy for customers to buy. Retailers and wholesalers can reach a truly international market today and prosper!

Our global shopping platform is uniquelydesigned to connect consumers with retailers in the global fashion and home décor market. For consumers, each product on our platform has a link to take you to the retailer’s store where you can view the full product range and make your purchase on the retailer’s store directly. This also provides you with the market information and style trends in different regions for all related products in fashion (womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, sleepwear, activewear, shoes, bags, scarves, hats, fascinators, belts...), Jewellery (necklaces, bracelets and bangles, earrings, rings made with gold, silver, diamond, opal, precious stones...), and Home Décor (furniture, beddings, cushions, runners, mirrors, lightings, wall decorations, candles…).

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