• A strong and bold Aboriginal leader and a member of the Awabakal tribe, Biraban or 'Eagle Hawk' was a leader amongst his people and lived up to this responsibilities by maintaining good relations between Aboriginal people and settlers.
  • His story is depicted within this work through a backdrop of separated structured square spaces in red, black and white (representing the very different and divided cultures of the settlers and Aboriginal people).
  • We then see a black interwoven pathways that move smoothly across the canvas, reflecting Biraban’s ability to move easily between these two diverse cultures.
  • Biraban was a man who greatly assisted in the building of respectful relationships between his community and settlers.
  • He is well known and regarded for his wonderful assistance to Reverend Thelkeld in recording the Awabakal language and local stories which is available to us today.


  • Size: 1020 x 1020 mm


  • Medium: Mixed medium on premium stretched canvas with hanging hooks and wire.
Currency Amount
AUD 3,200.00
SRE Saretta

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