Indigo Handloom Narrow Giza Scarf

  • The Indigo Handloom Narrow Giza Scarf is a hand loomed scarf made from natural materials.
  • This scarf is woven using 100% khadi cotton. The yarn is hand-twisted and handwoven.
  • Since this process requires no electricity, it gives the scarf a very low carbon footprint.
  • The white ‘pyramids’ on the scarf are made using a kantha stitch which is a technique, also known as ‘blanket stitch’ embroidery.
  • It’s a humble embroidery which was originally developed as a way to quilt old fabrics together to give them a new life as a blanket.
  • Now it’s valued for it’s simplicity and rustic look.


  • 22″ X 70″
  • Handwoven
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Evelyn & Arthur

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