In 1984, Evelyn & Arthur Lewis of New York decided it was time to leave the rat race and retire to Palm Beach, Florida. Evelyn loved her Florida home, but that New York wardrobe didn’t fit her new lifestyle of sunny skies, majestic beaches, lavish golf courses and crystal blue waters. So, what did they do? Came out of retirement and created an exclusive private label apparel store designed to fit REAL women.

Their dream of creating clothes that are modern, but not edgy; stylish but not faddish was fulfilled. That dream has grown to 7 stores where discerning women across Florida who care about their style come to shop.

Whether you are shopping from home or at one of our 7 in-store locations, our warm and experienced wardrobe coordinators are waiting to help you select outfits that will complement your lifestyle.

At Evelyn & Arthur your total satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If you need more information or any assistance, please contact us!

Evelyn & Arthur
2114 Corporate Drive
Boynton Beach, Florida 33426
United States