• The Awabakal people spoke of a volcanic eruption that occurred during the Dreaming, in the area now known as Redhead.
  • An ancient volcanic plug is believed to exist in the Redhead area.
  • The Awabakal name of this volcano is Kintiiyirapiin. A long time ago a great darkness came over the land.
  • The darkness came from a hole in a mountain and blocked out the sunlight.
  • The people and animals were all very frightened.
  • Messengers were sent out to gather up the people to have a yarn about how they could bring back the sunlight.
  • The elders decided that they needed to cover up the darkness that was all over the ground.
  • The men, women and children collected rocks, sand, branches and bark which they laid on the ground to cover up the thick darkness.
  • After the darkness was covered, many generations walked on the ground pressing the earth flames and darkness together, which created coal or nikin in Awabakal.


  • Size: 750 x 1000 mm
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AUD 850.00
SRE Saretta

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