Designer Libby Pool of her unique paua jewellery for more than a decade. Each piece is uniquely crafted using paua shell sourced from the clean crisp waters surrounding New Zealand.

Libby resides near Byron Bay, Australia and supplies not only customers across Australia and New Zealand but also around the world.

The paua shell fragments Libby selects are cultivated in icy cold waters off New Zealand’s South Island. The vibrant tapestry of blue, aqua, lime, gold and purple visible within polished paua is created by light refracted within the crystal layers of the shell. For hundreds of years, man believed paua radiated healing qualities for the body and soul and used it to treat calcium deficiencies and hearing disorders. It is also thought to promote clarity, wisdom and prosperity.

To produce her stunning range, Libby designs each piece depending on the unusual shape of each unique contour. She then assembles the shell with sterling silver and Italian thread, at times adding colourful French ribbon, leather, semi-precious stones and glass beads.

Libby Pool Jewellery & Design
Byron Bay, NSW 2481





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