Recycled Wool Picnic Blanket & Leather Strap in Stewart Royal Tartan

  • Once only permitted to be worn by the Queen herself, this historically royal tartan is gorgeously rich.
  • On a base of ruby red, Stewart Royal features a pattern of greens, blues, blacks, yellows and white.
  • The stylish picnic strap features brass buckles and comes in brown or black leather.
  • Our recycled wool blankets roll nicely to fit neatly within the straps.
  • Warm, generous in size and durable these blankets are just perfect to head outside and enjoy the outdoors, a true spring/summer essential!


  • 70% recycled wool, 30% mixed fibres from material that would otherwise end up in landfills


  • Blanket measures approx. 150cm x 175cm, fringing approx. 8cm at each end
  • 100% Leather picnic strap
  • Can be carefully machine washed
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GBP 65.00
The Tartan Blanket Co

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