Kiton Yangir Sport Coat

  • Featuring 100% cashmere yangir in a soft-toned blue with a very subtle herringbone pattern, this is, simply put, one of the most exceptional sport coats we’ve had the pleasure to offer.
  • Yangir fiber comes a subspecies of Siberian ibex found in the extreme elevations of Mongolia’s northwestern mountain ranges (14,000ft +).
  • Built like an usually stout mountain goat, the yangir takes its name from the local word for “robust animal with fine wool”—a rather understated appellation for the animal whose coat gained acclaim for its close similarity to shahtoosh, the now-endangered “king of wools” used in Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great’s legendary ‘ring shawls,’ said to be so fine they could be pulled through a wedding ring.


  • 100% cashmere yangir
  • 100% cupro half-lining
  • 3-roll-2, unstructured
  • Patch pockets, side vents
  • Sleeves unfinished to facilitate tailoring (buttons included)
SKU / Model No.
Currency Amount
USD 11,275.00

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