Ettaline V Mouse - luxury silk twill art scarf

  • I have hand painted this scarf mixing the colours by eye making it more like a painting.
  • As with any hand painted work there's always signs of the artist's hand which adds to it distinctiveness and exclusivity.
  • It is NOT a digital print and you will be purchasing a one-of-a-kind.
  • The process of hand painting always results in variations, shapes and patterns differ, and colours bleed into each other creating a matchless piece.


  • Hand painted pale mouse brown and pink roses with accents of purple art silk scarf.
  • Luxury silk twill.
  • Square scarf painted using steam-fixed acid dyes with hand-rolled hems.
  • Approximately 91 x 88 cm made from 10mm silk twill.
Currency Amount
GBP 125.00
SRE Agnes Ashe

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