• Porcelain candleholder with exclusive Vista Alegre design
  • The same Palafitic sticks that inspired the perfume bottle collection are recreated throughout this elegant piece, designed to live in total harmony with our candle collection
  • The candles belonging to the Home Stories Collection line by Comporta Perfumes are unique treasures
  • AL-qasr is the piece that encompasses the gold of our candles
  • A palace designed and produced by Vista Alegre to enhance our whole candle burning experience
  • AL-qasr is the Arabic word for Palace and for the charming and historic town of Alcácer do Sal, located in Alentejo.
  • This is where “Comporta” also belongs, that extraordinary getaway of infinitive white sandy beaches and Atlantic sea breeze that inspired our story


  • Approximately 18cm in diameter
  • Estimated weight: 400gr


  • This description was written by Comporta Perfumes
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USD 275.00
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