Tumblewalla celebrates the intrinsic playful spirit of kids around the world. Our clothing line is un-restricted so it’s easy to move, play, and just have-fun. The line features Indian-inspired free flowing cuts and vibrant colors – sharing this festive culture with families everywhere. Tumblewalla believes that unstructured play is critical for emotional and social development. Many children from around the world do not have the access or resources to play as they should. That’s why Tumblewalla is committed to partnering with emerging organizations across the globe that do just this – make it possible for kids everywhere to celebrate their youth.

Loosely translated from Hindi, Tumblewalla means “one who tumbles” which reflects the playful spirit of the brand. Some of my happiest moments as a mom are watching my son kick his feet wildly and break into giggles whenever we stop at the playground to build sandcastles or tumble down a slide. I also realize that we are lucky – many kids around the world don’t have access or opportunity to play. Play is such a critical aspect of the learning experience, enabling kids to form friendships and connections and most importantly, build self confidence. It’s important for kids to enjoy the here and now. I wanted to find a way to help celebrate the buoyancy of youth which led to the beginnings of Tumblewalla – a wearable and vibrant line of clothes that celebrates the joy in everyday tumbles and tickles.

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