Shine Moda, established in 2007 and based in Shanghai, is a high quality wedding dress maker with our own lace craft workshop. All our elegant and beautiful wedding dresses and gowns are meticulously handmade with quality silk material and laces. We have design studios in both France and Shanghai and our designers are very knowledgeable and experienced.

Our designs are contemporary and unique with extraordinary details and perfect fit. Twice a year we have our wedding dressmaking exhibition introducing our new handcraft techniques and materials and bring the new designs of the wedding dresses to the market.

Our wedding dresses are well recognized by the celebrities in China as well as in other countries for their class and elegance.

Shine Moda
Business No. 000

P O Box A2538
Sydney South, NSW 1235
P: +61 419 693 002


New Designs - June 2013

Wedding Dresses - Colour

Wedding Dresses - White