Wild Long Reversible Shearling

  • This shearling coat is nothing short of sensational! While its lines are tailored and classic, there are several details that take this coat into another stratosphere of style.
  • To begin with, the collar can be styled in 2 ways; when left down it becomes a dramatic shawl collar that accentuates the more spirited personality of this coat.
  • In contrast, when the collar is overlapped and tied with the leather ties it frames the face beautifully while keeping your neck toasty warm.
  • In addition to the collar, the gorgeous oversized horn buttons help define the fitted torso, from which the coat falls freely.
  • With its irregular edges the coat seems to sashay all on its own as you walk down the boulevard- because the word 'boulevard' is so much more chic than 'street'.
  • And, for the grand finale, did we mention the coat is reversible?
  • Not just the kind of "reversible" that looks acceptable if you squint your eyes to really blur your vision- the kind of reversible that truly means you have two fabulous coats in one!


  • 100% shearling
  • Slash side pockets that are positioned in the front and not on your hips!
  • True to size
  • Delightfully soft and lightweight
  • Made in Italy
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USD 5,995.00

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