Silver Ballet Slipper with Satin Ribbon

  • Sabrina is a silver, ballet-style shoe with an extremely soft lambskin (leather) upper, and a flexible, yet protective bottom.
  • The shoes tie with a silver satin ribbon.
  • Silver is an excellent shoe color because, like black, brown, or white, it can be worn with a wide variety of colors, yet it has more flair than any of the traditional "neutral" colors.
  • Even better, silver can be worn during any season.
  • Your child can wear these shoes for Christmas OR Easter (provided their size does not change).
  • CLICK HERE to view a size chart (opens in a new window).

About Crawling Stage Shoes:

  • This shoe is designed for baby girls in the "crawling stage" stage of development.
  • Crawling Stage shoes are designed for the babies that are becoming active, but the shoes have soft soles so they don’t become too heavy for the little ones’ ankles.
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