Enwrapture Vintage

  • Manufacturer of the best 2 layer silk skirts on the market.
  • This Unique Sari from Indian is manufactured with 2 layer of top quality Vintage Sari Fabric.
  • We strive on producing a top notch product.
  • We manufacturer only Grade A vintage silk material, Not B or C grade.
  • Our skirts have a 1 1/2" belt strap (customers have inquired, so we listen to our customers, as customer know best).
  • We hem stitched professionally, not loop stitched and serged like others, as we have seen many unstitched areas and many pieces of stitch hangings on the clothes and other stitching flaws, which I am sure you know what we are talking about.
  • As this is the biggest complaints that we hear about other distributors and manufacturers, as this is common with others, not us.
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USD 30.00
Enwrapture Vintage

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