G&D@home is an Australian family business with a track record in the furniture industry over 16 years. At G&D@Home you find a wide range of unique gifts and homeware products, together with modern contemporary and Asian furniture, on a continuous flow of fresh and new designs. We firmly believe that what goes around comes around… and so you can be assured of the good karma behind every G&D product.


Our furniture

  • Furniture made out of solid wood: that means that your furniture will last for many years
  • Furniture is hand crafted by skilled woodworkers using traditional methods

Our wood

  • Mahogany, Mango, Embelina and Mindi
  • Woods with lovely natural colour, strong quality, high resistance, imposing appearance and great durability.

Mahogany wood

  • Hard, dense and durable timber
  • Straight grain and usually free of voids and pockets making it finer and durable
  • Varies in colour from nearly golden to deep brown, with attractive grain and beautiful stains
  • Considered one of the finest woods to the point that it is used to produce boats and instruments

Certified wood and environmentally friendly

  • Quarantine Standards (AQIS): Fumigation
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC): certifies that the wood is harvested in large batches and does not come from old growth forests
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood: drying process at high temperatures to remove approximately 93% of the wood’s moisture to improve its durability and avoid warping or cracking of the wood
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