Rock Glass named 'Refrained Wave Sounds'

  • Rock Glass made in Japan representing a motif of sea, selected from the series of ‘My Glass-Collectors Edition’
  • This is introduced by an atelier in Japan with pride in its refined technique
  • It is featured by the smooth curving lines and delicate designs
  • This Rock Glass is named ‘Refrained Wave Sounds’ is made with remarkable design technique and color coordination
  • It is made by this atelier where the colorful tones are produced by its unique process
  • In the famous tale of ‘Urashima Taro’, a spectacular world lies deep on the bottom of the sea, which is so beautiful that it can not be described by words
  • The mysterious beauty of this glass reminds us of that scene on the bottom of sea
  • Initials or logo marks will be engraved upon request for presenting it as a gift
  • Your inquiry can be sent to us by email
  • The product will be shipped in a wooden box


  • 73φ×100H・330c・c
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JPY 17,200
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