• Beautiful ivory white oriental/casablanca lily and pale blush pink rose buds in a stunning posy design.
  • This design can be made with ivory, red, blush pink (as shown) or lilac rose buds. Lily available in white (as shown), pale pink or hot pink and white.
  • Stems can be shortened and covered in satin or left exposed (as shown) for a more natural informal look.


  • This elegant bouquet is perfect for a modern slim line dress or traditional full skirted gown. The medium or large size is great for the bride whilst the small is lovely for a bridesmaid. The larger defined oriental lily photographs beautifully and the smaller rose buds give the bouquet a delicate finish - the combination is timeless and lends itself perfectly to a relaxed beachside celebration, a country affair or a formal wedding.


  • Small: 23cm in diameter
  • Medium: 27cm in diameter (as displayed)
  • Large: 32cm in diameter (as displayed)
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AUD 135.00
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