• Leather


  • 2 cm (L) x 5.5 cm (H)
  • 8 gr (Weight)


  • This masterpiece is handcrafted in accordance to traditional Nordic-Scandinavian leathercraft techniques
  • The design comes from the old Royal times when this jewellery was created for aristocracy and nobility in Scandinavian Kingdoms
  • Ordering Jewellery from Valfrea you guaranteed to get a handmade piece of art which would be cherished for generations
  • Please consider that all depictions contained on the website are for illustration purposes only
  • All our items are handmade and hand-painted and therefore one of a kind. Your item may slightly differ by shape or colour of a stone or by some other insignificant nuances from the one observed
  • We hope that you will understand and appreciate our efforts to provide you with a unique and an exclusive item which you will love and cherish for lifetime
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Valfrea Artistry

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